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Corinne “Sparkles” Smith is back with another great class! Join Sparkles as she teaches you how fun and easy balloon twisting can be! In this class, Corinne will demonstrate how to create impressive balloons that even beginners can do such as wands and even more fun designs. Grab your balloon pump and get ready to twist with Corinne’s impressively easy balloons!

Designs taught:

* 12 minutes of basics

* 1 balloon Twisty Base for "sticks"&"wands"

* Sword and Belt

* 2 balloon Twisty Hat

* Bracelets/ wristbands

* 2 balloon twisty base

* Stuffing balloons

* Using stickers and gems

* Using balloon sticks

* 2 balloon ninja turtle

* 3 balloon ball

* 2 balloon snake

-Quantity 1+
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Impressively Easy Balloons! DVD as seen on

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